Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2016 [Updated]

Best WhatsApp tips 2016: Its almost 7 years since WhatsApp came into our smartphones, developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. WhatsApp is a multi-platform Instant Messaging app through which we can chat with our friends, we can talk to our friends and we can expect a video calling as well with in short time. There are so many other apps which can do similar job but the reason behind the success of WhatsApp is the user experience and the low data charges. One more reason is the free service that it is offering, we no need to pay anything to use WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp is available for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phones, Blackberry and Nokia phones as well. You can do much more in addition to sending messages, sharing files and images. We will now see some of the best WhatsApp tips 2016.

Best WhatsApp Tips 2016

Some tricks may not be useful to you now but at some point you will feel the need of every trick explained here. It makes you a sound WhatsApp user if you get to know all the hidden WhatsApp tips and hacks. We will unveil all the WhatsApp tips one by one for both Android and iPhone. Dont just leave these after reading, you will feel the thrill only after applying them on your WhatsApp messenger.

Keep your WhatsApp updated

We are seeing more and more hacks happening in around us, so to protect your private information from hackers, you should keep your WhatsApp updated all the time. Download the latest WhatsApp for your Android/iPhone. The latest update added the feature of sharing pdf files also. In a short time you can expect Video Calling as well. So, keep your WhatsApp always updated.

How to run two WhatsApp accounts on Android

Most of the people wanted to use two WhatsApp accounts on their smartphones for so many reasons. Whatever the reason may be, you can easily setup two WhatsApp accounts on your Android phones as well as iPhones. Lets see how to make it out.

  • Download WhatsMapp Apk for Android Phone
  • Install WhatsMapp and launch the app.
  • Now verify WhatsMapp with the second number similar to the procedure you do for WhatsApp.
  • Now you can start using two WhatsApp accounts on Android Phone.

How to run two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone/iPad

Similar to Android, you can use two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone as well. This you can do using a tweak called WhatsApp 2. Just follow the below procedure to setup two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone/iPad.

  • Visit from your iPhone/iPad with the default safari browser.
  • Just scroll down until you see WhatsApp 2.
  • Just tap on it and in the next screen you will see WhatsApp in Orange color and a green button.
  • Tap on the green button to download WhatsApp 2.
  • Confirm the installation of WhatsApp 2 and wait for it to download and install.
  • Now go to Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the profile of the app developer to run WhatsApp 2 on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Now verify your second number with WhatsApp 2 in the same way as you do for WhatsApp.
  • Now you can start using second WhatsApp on your iPhone/iPad.

How to Lock your WhatsApp

Its a very common and important WhatsApp hack that you need to know. We always want our private data to be secure and we dont want others to check our WhatsApp contacts or messages. In that case we wish to have a security lock for our WhatsApp. The same thing can be done using an app called WhatsApp locker.

Download WhatsApp Locker app to set a numeric or pattern lock to your WhatsApp. This WhatsApp locker will act as an App Lock as well. If anyone tries to access WhatsApp with wrong password, a fake window will open with all the contacts hidden. Like this you can do much more with this app. Just start a trial and you will definitely like it.

How to Backup WhatsApp Chats and Data

Sometimes things happens accidentally without our knowledge. There may be a chance that you accidentally format your Phone or clear the app cache. In such cases a backup of the WhatsApp messages and chats will be helpful to restore without any risk of losing the data. To backup WhatsApp Chats and data, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings.
  • Now select Chat Settings and in the next screen you will see an option Backup Conversations, just tap on it to back up the data and chats.
  • Now all you chats and messages are safe. Now if you accidentally delete app cache, you can restore it from the back up.

You can as well back up the data to your computer so that you can be safer. Sometimes your Phone will get accidentally reset, that time you will lose all the data. At that time you can restore the backup from your Laptop. To do this:

  • Connect your Phone to your Laptop/PC using data cable.
  • Now you will see all the folders in the phone, in that find the WhatsApp folder and copy it to your PC.
  • Now you have successfully created a copy of your WhatsApp chats on your PC, which will be useful during the hard times.

How to Restore/Recover WhatsApp data

If you accidentally deleted your WhatsApp messages or if you accidentally deleted WhatsApp itself, you can restore the data from the back up. If you have uninstalled WhatsApp, while installing it will prompt you to restore if a backup is found in your device.

If you want to restore/recover WhatsApp messages from PC, then you need to connect your Phone to Laptop and replace the latest Back up of WhatsApp to your Phones internal memory where the WhatsApp folder is located. Once after you launch WhatsApp you will see all your chats in its place.

How to stop Automatic Downloading of Photos/Videos

It will consume more data if your WhatsApp is downloading all the Photos/Videos. To avoid this, you need to do some changes in settings.

  • Launch WhatsApp and go to Settings
  • Tap on Chat settings
  • Tap on Media auto-download and uncheck all the boxes when using mobile data.
  • This will disable auto download of photos, videos, music files and documents when you are using mobile data.

How to make WhatsApp free for Life time

You can make WhatsApp free for lifetime using a simple trick. You no need to pay any money to use WhatsApp after one year. To do that you need to delete you WhatsApp account and re activate it. Once you delete your WhatsApp account, you will get removed from all your WhatsApp groups. To extend the WhatsApp free trial period, follow below steps.

  • Launch WhatsApp, and go to Settings.
  • Tap on Account and select Delete My Account to delete your WhatsApp account.
  • Now again verify your Phone number.
  • This will extend the free trial period by another one year.
  • You can follow this to make WhatsApp free for lifetime.

These are some of the most important tips that every WhatsApp user should know, I will post another guide with some advance tips for sound WhatsApp users. Keep visiting for more updates.

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