How to backup iPad/iPhone to iCloud, iTunes

Backup iPad/iPhone to iCloud, iTunes:It is very important to know how to backup iPhone/iPad data to PC at the times when you need to transfer all the data to your new iPhone/iPad. Ofcourse it is a very wise thing to backup iPhone contacts, files, images and videos to iCloud or iTunes to avoid risk of losing data during bad times. You might be thinking about how to backup iPhone/iPad to iTunes or iCloud using PC either it may be Mac or Windows, dont be panic. I am here to help you to backup iPhone/iPad data running on iOS 9/9.2/9.2.1/9.3 to PC.

How to Backup iPhone toicloud

Backup is the replica of the data present in your iPhone/iPad including all the Contacts, Photos, Videos, files, Apps etc. You can save the data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to iCloud or iTunes and then later you can restore it on the same device or your new device with much ease. Its your choice to decide whether to go with iTunes or iCloud. Ofcourse you can have a backup one in iCloud and one in iTunes if you need an alternative.

iCloud offers a storage of 1 TB with first 5GB for free and stores your data in cloud ( remote servers). Your data will be encrypted while backup to cloud. As the data is copying to cloud, you require Wi-Fi connection always to backup or to restore the data. On the other hand, you can backup your iPhone to Mac or PC using iTunes. You can enable encrypted backup while copying the data to PC but by default the option is disabled. The storage limit is what you have on your Mac or PC. As you are copying data to Mac or PC, you can backup iPhone without Wi Fi. So choose the method you want to backup your iPhone/iPad running on iOS 9.3/9.2/9.2.1.

How to Backup iPhone/iPad to iCloud

Here is the step by step procedure to Backup iPhone/iPad to iCloud, just follow this step by step procedure to make things easier.

  • Unlock your iPhone/iPad and launch Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap on iCloud option.
  • In the next screen, scroll down until you see Backup option and tap on it.
  • Now enable iCloud Backup option by toggling it.
  • Now tap on Back Up Now option below to back your iPhone right now.
  • Make sure that your device is connected to Wifi.
  • If you dont click on Back Up Now option, then the backup will happen when your device is locked, connected to Wifi and plugged in for charging.
  • Please Note that this Backup wont happen if you are connected to Mobile Data.

How to Backup iPhone/iPad to iTunes

With this method you can backup iPhone without using Wifi network, as you are creating a local copy on your Mac or PC.

  • Make sure that iTunes is already installed on your Mac or PC. If it is not installed then install it form here
  • Once after installing iTunes, launch it.
  • Now connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac or PC using a USB cable.
  • Now you can see that your device is connected to iTunes, on the top left corner you can see a phone icon.
  • Now in the backups section, select This computer. Now you will see Encrypt iPhone Backup option under This Computer. Check this box if you want to encrypt your iPhone Backup.
  • Now click on Back Up Now to start the back up.
  • You can see another option Restore Backup, if you want to restore the previous backup then follow same steps and instead of clicking on Back Up Now, click on Restore Backup.

We are done with the procedures on how to backup iPhone to iCloud, iTunes. It is really a very nice idea to take regular backups to avoid risks in case something goes wrong. Struck somewhere with a doubt?? Drop us a comment and we will reach out you shortly.

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