The Digital Threat: This is Why Cybersecurity Will be Critical in 2022

Just about everyone in the civilized world owns a smartphone in 2021. And though many countries still are still without the infrastructure to support large digital networks, this trend is expected to change in the near future.

Further, around 97 percent of Americans own a cellphone with Internet capability. And the amount of Americans who own a smartphone is approaching 90 percent as of 2021.

So what do these statistics mean? With a large number of users online in today’s world, this makes the threat to our personal information all the more eminent. As such, cybersecurity has become a critical component to ensuring the safety of our personal data.

As more technologies are introduced into the digital landscape and more information is being stored online, the doors are opened wide to those who would steal or compromise our information.

Here, we’ll explore why cybersecurity will be of great importance in 2022.

Cybercrime is On the Rise

As our technology has advanced, unfortunately, so has the reach of cybercriminals. And you only need to look into recent events to understand the real threat that cybercrime delivers.

Most Americans have heard of the recent “meddling” by Russians in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. And no matter your own political philosophy, the threat of foreign agents attempting to undermine or steer our democratic elections has been taken as a serious threat.

In addition, with most people storing their information online including everything from financial information to health and vital records, the need for advanced cybersecurity measures has risen dramatically.

Another great example is the recent rise in digital currencies such as Bitcoin. With digital currency becoming so prevalent in the last decade, this has given cybercriminals another industry to exploit.

The Real Impact of Cybercrime

Cybercrime not only affects individuals, it can also affect whole communities and the entire economy as a whole.

Recently in 2021, Ransomware attacked the Colonial Pipeline which delivers much-needed fuel to communities across the country. And this shutdown caused fuel prices to rise. In addition, another Ransomware attack in 2021 shut down JBS Foods, causing another spike in prices at grocery stores.

If major industrial sectors within a community are compromised, this results in inaccessibility for needed services. In turn, this ultimately affects supply and demand–a key driving force of inflation across the country.

But fortunately, as there are cybercriminals, there are also those who are well trained in countering these attacks as well.

Cybersecurity Jobs

In the world of information security, there are many positions available due to the overall rise of cybercrime. And many of these jobs require specific training in computer science and many data analytic disciplines.

For example, if you want to get your foot in the door in the cybersecurity industry, attending a quality, intensive learning program like a cybersecurity bootcamp can prepare you for a variety of careers within this space.

Additionally, most of the jobs that you’ll find within cybersecurity require tracking sensitive data across multiple industries. And this means that a cybersecurity specialist needs to learn industry-specific data terminology.

For instance, one of the main targets for cybercrime is within financial institutions. An adept cybersecurity specialist will also need to understand financial metrics, systems used for storing data, and additional protocols specific to the financial sector.

And the same holds true for the medical and vital records industry as identity theft is among the most common forms of cybercrime in today’s world. As such, a competent cybersecurity specialist will also need to understand these industries in order to better protect them against attacks.

Our digital technology is only getting more advanced and more complex. As such, you’re likely to see more instances of cybercrime across the United States and across the world. But as long as we have bright men and women trained in the art of cyber defense, we’ll be able to advance along with our technology in a safe manner.

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