How to Install FireDL on Amazon Firestick

Install FireDL on Amazon Firestick: We have seen two different methods to download Android Apk files for Amazon Firestick, you can either use downloader app or you can use ES File Explorer app to download Android apk files on your Fire TV Stick. Both the methods are quite easy but you will face difficulty to type in all the URL address to download the Apk files. So, to simplify that we have an app called FireDL for Firestick. It is basically a search engine with which we can download apps , documents, zip files etc. to your Firestick. FireDL app has its five digit codes to install other popular apps, so you dont have to enter the full URL of Apk download links and you dont have to search the web for latest download links.

FireDL for Firestick

FireDL codes helps you to install Android apps on Amazon Firestick, it reduces all our efforts to find out the working download link of any android apk. Just enter the code corresponding to the Apk file and it will automatically gets the latest working download link by itself and downloads the Apk file for us. To install FireDL App on Firestick, you have to follow below steps, trust me its gonna be very useful if you want to install Android apps on Firestick.

How to install FireDL App on Firestick?

To install FireDL app on your Firestick, follow below steps:

Search FireDL
  • In the search results, under Apps & Games, tap on FireDL app.
  • Then in the next screen, tap on Get button to download FireDL to your Firestick.
Click on FireDL Get button
  • Once the download is finished, installation proceeds automatically.
FireDL downloading
FireDL Installing
  • Click on Open button once FireDL is installed.
Open FireDL
  • Once FireDL is opened, enter the code of the App that you want to install.
FireDL Codes
  • Once after entering the code, it will convert to the Apk URL automatically.
  • Then click on Next button to start the download.
  • Once the Android Apk is downloaded, you can proceed with Installation.

Of course, there are some ads in between but this app is very useful as it reduces our work to enter all the URL address. I hope that this post is very useful for all Firestick users.

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