How to Install Themes in WordPress

WordPress theme provides you the view of your website. A theme is a compressed package with a collection of templates and stylesheets which defines the appearance and display of website. If you want to change the view of your website, you need to do customization in the theme stylesheet.

How to install themes in WordPress

We have huge collection of free and premium WordPress themes available from some of the most popular WordPress theme providers like Elegant Themes, StudioPress, MyThemeShop,TeslaThems, ThemeForest etc. So, you can go with free or premium WordPress themes with your website. But, I suggest you to install any one of the free themes to try out, you can actually play around with different theme options. Once you are ready, you can upgrade or install the premium version.

You can install more than one wordpress theme side by side, but you can actually use any one at any given time. So, you can actually play around with different themes that you want to try. So, now let’s see how to install WordPress themes.

How to install WordPress Themes

So, once after installing WordPress in your hosting for your website, you need to login to your WordPress admin dashboard to install, activate or remove themes.

  • Navigate to Appearance => Themes to see the list of themes that are currently installed.
  • Click on Add New button on top to install a new theme.
  • In the next screen you can see the list of available free WordPress themes, you can install only one them or you can upload any new premium or free theme to WordPress.
  • To upload new theme, click on Upload Theme button on the top.
  • You can choose any one of the themes and click on Install Now button to begin installation. Please make sure that you have the a theme in a .zip format.
  • Once the installation is successful, you can activate the newly installed theme to start using it.

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial, you can comment below if you have any queries in your mind about this topic.

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