A Basic Guide To Sideloading Apps On Amazon Fire TV

Most of you are likely familiar with the word downloading. But there’s a closely-related term called sideloading, which allows you to access more content. Sideloading involves installing applications that aren’t available officially on the application-distribution method of the device.

Thus, sideloading works differently on various devices and operating systems. Generally speaking, sideloading an Android-run device is easier than with an Apple iOS gadget which may need jailbreaking before sideloading can be done. With it, a user can enjoy free application downloads from any third-party app store or website. This holds even if you have an Amazon Fire television. You don’t have to go through the app stores to install any application. Continue reading this essential guide if you need more information about sideloading apps for your Amazon Fire TV. 

1. Why you need sideloading for your Amazon Fire TV

There’s a vast array of content that you can watch using your Fire TV. However, restrictions still bug most users, especially those who want to access Fire TV porn. With sideloading, you can lift most of the restrictions without significant work being done on your device.

Sideloading for Fire TV doesn’t require jailbreaking, rooting, or messing around with your unit. While mostly safe, downloading from unofficial channels sometimes comes with online risks.

2. Preparing your Fire TV for third-party apps 

In most cases, you only need digital devices, your Amazon Fire TV stick, and an internet connection to perform sideloading. In addition, you might have to access the Fire TV settings or open a virtual private network (VPN), depending on which option works best for you. 

Alter the settings

Before going through the procedures for sideloading, ensure that your Fire TV can accept third-party installations. If you haven’t tried it yet, access the settings page and click “Apps from unknown sources.” Bypass the warning message about external app installation.

Note that this feature is disabled by default, so no matter how good the app is, you’ll always get an error message when sideloading if you skip this stage. This isn’t applicable, though, when downloading official apps such as Show Box for Amazon Fire TV.


While sideloading isn’t illegal, it may pose risks to your device. Not all third-party apps follow strict security protocols and may not be screened for potential online threats. As such, you might become a victim of phishing, identity theft, and malware injections, to name a few.

Stay safe by using a virtual private network or VPN. With this cybersecurity tool, you can keep your privacy and anonymity in the virtual realm. A VPN masks your internet protocol (IP) address, so you remain untraceable. It also maintains secure and encrypted connections more safely than a secure Wi-Fi hotspot connection. As such, it’s best to use VPN to safeguard your mobile device and Fire TV from hazardous malware while streaming or downloading.

3. Things you need

Because sideloading doesn’t require you to alter your phone’s operating system, you don’t have to prepare any other device. You’d need the following items if you want to explore your sideloading options: 

  • Internet connection
  • Fire TV
  • Personal computer with file transfer protocol; (FTP) software
  • Laptop or PC connected to the same network as your Fire TV
  • Another Android-run device connected to the same network as your Fire TV

With these things ready, you’d have to know all your sideloading options to see which one works best for you.  

4. Know your sideloading options

Note that Fire TV’s operating system is Android, albeit a modified version. As such, most apps that work with Android will match. If this doesn’t work, perform any or all of these other sideloading options:

  • Access the Downloader app- This is considered the simplest way to sideload any app on your Fire TV. Use the Downloader app by Amazon AppStore and enter the download link for the APK file. This extension refers to an Android package and comes in a zip or compressed format. Once you open the Downloader app, you’ll have to enter the URL for the APK file link to start the download. You may access the toolbar through any android device or your PC or laptop.     
  • Download or open adbLink- This third-party app works on your laptop or PC running on any operating system. The program allows you to open your Fire TV app to manage installed programs. The downside is you’ll have to supply your IP address, though the process is straightforward.
  • Use apps2fire- You’ll need another Android device, as the program functions to push content from your device to Fire TV. Make sure both tools are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to make it work.
  • Download content from your PC and store it on the Cloud- If you’ve downloaded the APK file or prefer to use your PC to explore your Fire TV app, ESfile explorer should be your go-to program. This free app is useful for managing apps on your Fire TV or any content.

The Bottom Line

Using sideloading apps is a great way to enhance your Amazon Fire TV stick. With these strategies, you can access content that the Appstore otherwise restricts. Just ensure that you use reliable sites and programs to protect yourself from cyberattacks.

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