AirDroid app for Windows 10 PC|Free Download AirDroid Apk to Manage Android from PC

Download AirDroid app for Windows 10 PC: AirDroid is a trending app on internet now, which is used to manage Android Phone from Windows PC. AirDroid App free Download to manage Android from your Windows PC. In this busy life, we cannot always toggle between the devices and it will be helpful if we can see whats going on all our handsets with in one screen. We can do exactly with AirDroid for android apk free download. For better understand you should download AirDroid for Windows 10 PC and start Managing your Android Phone from it. Actually you can do much more than what I have said. You can receive calls, SMS, notifications all in your computer with a great sync in between your Phone and computer. I have recently started using AirDroid on Windows 10 PC and got impressed with its user interface and great features. So, I suggest you to download AirDroid for Windows 10 PC and AirDroid for android Apk to experience the Android instance on Windows PC.

Download AirDroid for Wndows 10

What I have tried after installing AirDroid on Windows 10 /8.1/8/7 PC is very less but we can do much more, I have backed up my files, images, and videos to my computer using AirDroid app for PC, I have tried AirIME which is used to enable AirDroid Keyboard so that we can type text from computer which is actually in sync with Android phone. One more best thing we can see in AirDroid app for Windows 8 /10/7/8.1 is, no need to connecting USB cable to transfer files from Computer to Phone, you can just drag and drop files to AirDroid PC and they will get copied to your phone automatically. Not only from your computer to your Phone but also you can send files to Nearby AirDroid users which are on the same network. I forgot to specify one more thing that you need to install AirDroid app for Android Apk to use AirDroid on your Windows PC. So, it worth to download AirDroid for Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10/7 32 bit and 64 bit PC now.

Note: You should connect to same network to work with AirDroid, and you need to start AirDroid both on Android Phone and Windows PC to start using it. You can download AirDroid for Android Apk from Google Play Store.

AirDroid for Windows 10 or Windows 8.1/8/7 PC Features

The usefulness of AirDroid will come to know if you happen to toggle between your Phone and Computer multiple number of time to check the WhatsApp messages, Facebook notifications and calls etc. You can simply connect your Phone to Computer using AirDroid and start managing your Phone from computer itself. Here are some of the useful features of AirDroid for Windows 10 PC.

  • So, if there comes a need to have a long chat with your friends you can use AirDroid Keyboard on your mobile so as to enable keyboard from PC.
  • As I said you will receive App notifications directly on your Computer and there will be a great sync in between your Phone and Computer.
  • You can Backup Photos/Videos/Music files using AirDroid to your PC.
  • You can as well copy files to your Android phone with just a drag and drop.

Along with this there is one more feature to enable sharing between two AirDroid Users on Computers in same network.

AirDroid for Windows 10 PC Install AirDroid on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC

Now I hope that you got an idea on what is AirDroid? What is it for? So, now we will discuss how to download AirDroid for Windows 10. There is no complex procedure here to explain, just to say, below are the links to download AirDroid for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC 32 bit and 64 bit.

Download AirDroid for PC Download AirDroid for Android

Once after the download, you need to create AirDroid account and simply start using it. But to the newbies, I would like to extend my discussion with the steps to Install AirDroid for PC on Windows 10/8.1/8/8 32 bit or 64 bit.

So, to start with once the AirDroid for PC is downloaded, run the setup file and click on Next button.

Click on Next AirDroid for WIndows 10 32 bit 64 bit

Proceed to click on I Agree and then on Install button. It will take some time to install AirDroid on Windows 10/8/7 PC, Once the installation is completed, click on Finish button.

Finish AirDroid for PC WIndows 10 free Download

Now here is the important thing, How to manage Android Phone from Windows PC. Here we will discuss a step by step procedure on how to control Android Phone from Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC.

How to Manage Android with AirDroid from Windows PC

To manage your android phone from Windows PC, you need to do few more steps, now launch AirDroid on your Windows PC and click on sign up button.

login to AirDroid for WIndows 10 PC

You have to do the same thing here, open AirDroid app on Android Phone and sign in with the account which you have created for AirDroid just before.

Connect to AirDroid PC Windows 10

You will see that your Android device will be connected to AirDroid on PC if you are connected to the same network on your phone. In the next posts I will tell you how to use AirDroid without internet, AirDroid without Account or registration and few more tricks to use AirDroid without any difficulty.

Now you can start using AirDroid app Windows 8/10/7 Desktop Client to control Android Phone. If you are facing any issues like AirDroid is not working, AirDroid not connecting to Android Phone, then drop us a comment and we will assist you. This is all about how to download AirDroid for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC and how to manage Android Phone from Windows PC. Please consider sharing this article.

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