Download WhatsApp Video Calling app for iOS, iPhone/iPod, Android and Windows Phone

WhatsApp Video Call app for iOS, iPhone/iPad, Android: WhatsApp the brand name for Instant Messaging in the modern world, has occupied a prominent share in the market. With the features adding to improve the user experience like the voice calling and recently the facility to transfer documents etc., the number of active users is still counting after 65 Million. Now users are eagerly waiting for the WhatsApp video calling feature to come. If we get WhatsApp video Calling app for iOS and Android then you can expect a significant drop in the total number of Active Skype users. If you are searching for WhatsApp video calling app for iPhone/iPad or Android then you are at the right place to know the latest info about WhatsApp. If you are eager to download WhatsApp video call app for iPad/iPhone or Android and want to make WhatsApp video calls then here I will make you feel happy by providing the latest information about WhatsApp Video Calling feature.

whatsapp video calling app for iPhone

Keep visiting the site to download WhatsApp Video Calling app for iPhone/iPad or Android once the official version of WhatsApp Video Calling app is released and also to know the procedure to activate/enable WhatsApp Video Calling feature on iOS and Android. Recently WhatsApp officially announced that it is adding callback, voice mail, Video Calling and the facility to share zip files. But when is an unanswered question, but we can expect it to be available in mid months of 2016.

I know that the users are so curious to download WhatsApp Video Calling App for Android and iOS, just be patient for still few months to start making video calls to your friends and loved ones. We can take this as an indication from WhatsApp that it wants to overtake all the market of instant messaging with this updated WhatsApp video calling app.

The year 2016 is going to be a big year for WhatsApp as well as its users. Phoneradar found that the beta version of the app has all these feature included and there are rumors that WhatsApp video calling will come first for iOS users followed by Android. Nothing is yet confirmed as the WhatsApp Video Calling Apk is still at its testing stage and planning for a grand release in 2016 itself. We can suspect that the delay will not be not more than a month in between the release of WhatsApp Video Calling for both versions as it has to satisfy Millions of users. So, all we have to wait is for the release of the next updated WhatsApp Apk. It will come up with free WhatsApp Video Calling update along with the above mentioned features.

How to Activate WhatsApp Video Calling feature on iPad/iPhone

We can expect the procedure to enable WhatsApp Video Calling as we have seen for enabling WhatsApp Voice calls. As the web already started receiving tremendous number of searches to download free WhatsApp video calling feature for iPhone and Android and the official WhatsApp website is almost busy answering the queries to download WhatsApp video call app for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. But the thing is that officially, the exact release date was not announced yet by the WhatsApp Video Calling feature developers. Everyone has to wait until the release of latest WhatsApp video calling app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Hope that the developers are busy in bringing WhatsApp Video Calling feature as early as possible. To accommodate the needs people are using other video calling apps like Imo, Skype etc. just as an alternative until WhatsApp releases Video calling.

Now the countdown has started, the internet leaks are clearly saying that we can activate WhatsApp video calling feature on iOS or iPhone/iPad or Android and Windows Phone with in a few days. Every leak is standing as a proof that WhatsApp Video Calling app for iPhone/Android will arrive soon. Once the latest version of WhatsApp video calling app for iPhone/Android releases, you can visit the official WhatsApp website and download WhatsApp Video calling Apk using which you can enable Video calling for WhatsApp in Windows Phones or Android/iOS phones.

There came some critics that WhatsApp Voice calling is using so much of data and the Phone is heating within few minutes after started using voice calling feature. Later WhatsApp added Low data usage option in call settings which helps in reducing the amount of data usage and thus reducing the heating. There are similar critics which started already over this WhatsApp Video calling. As it will require more bandwidth for WhatsApp Video Calling, then to activate WhatsApp Video calling feature one will definitely think about the heating issue. Hope that it will not be the case with video calling feature on WhatsApp messenger.

As the official WhatsApp video Calling is not released yet, we can expect some prerelease installation steps and how to activate WhatsApp video calling feature on iPhone/iPad or iOS or Android and Windows Phone.

How to Activate WhatsApp Video calling feature on Android or Windows Phone

We can expect the similar procedure which we have used to activate WhatsApp Voice Calling feature. WhatsApp will release a new updated version which has Video Calling feature enabled or we can as well activate WhatsApp Video Calling feature as a small update to the existing version as we have received the document sharing feature recently. So, download the latest updated WhatsApp Apk to get all the updates and enable all the features.

Download WhatsApp Video Calling App

At the time of enabling voice calling feature, WhatsApp made it available for all the latest Android versions like Android Jellybean, KitKat 4.4.2/4.4.4, Lollipop 5/5.0.2/5.1 and Marshmallow 6.0, and I think Android Honey comb as well. So, we can expect WhatsApp Video Calling feature for all these versions as well. As most of the users were already started using Lollipop and some got already Marshmallow 6.0 update, a very few might be using Jelly bean and may be a considerable number of users are still using KitKat.

As the recent model of Blackberry already came with Android OS, we can expect WhatsApp Video Calling feature App for Blackberry older models and similarly we can expect WhatsApp video calling feature for Windows Phone as well.

To activate WhatsApp Video Calling feature all you have to do is to Download the latest updated version of WhatsApp Apk from the official website and start making Video calls to your friends. There may not be a condition that your friend should already have WhatsApp video calling enabled for you to make video calls to him. There are all the supposed steps, the original steps may be different and I will update the steps here once after the official WhatsApp video calling is enabled. Keep vising this page to download and activate WhatsApp Video calling on iPhone/iPad or Android or Windows Phone.


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