Hotspot Initialization Failed in SHAREit PC


Hotspot Initialization Failed in SHAREit PC version Рthis is a common error that SHAREit users will face when using SHAREit on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC. If you think that hotspot creation not supported in SHAREit PC version, then you are 100% wrong. SHAREit do support hotspot creation if you have v4.0 or higher version of SHAREit installed on your Windows PC. If you are facing SHAREit hotspot problem then here in this article I will let you know small trick to Initialize hotspot in SHAREit PC version. This same trick will work if you see the same error Рhotspot initialization failed in SHAREit Mac version.



Hotspot name initialization failed in SHAREit PC

SHAREit uses WiFi connection to transfer files across devices and it has grown to a great extent after enabling the feature to share files across devices of multiple platforms. Now we have SHAREit available for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows Phone.

Hotspot-initialization failed in SHAREit

Hotspot-initialization failed in SHAREit

To transfer files from Android to Android device, you don’t have to initialize a hotspot but it is required to initialize SHAREit hotspot if you want to share files to PC/iOS/Mac device. In the recent times I have seen multiple users reporting that hotspot initialization is failed in SHAREit PC version. Sometimes you will also get the error “This device may be slow to start hotspot” in SHAREit. To address this issue, there is a simple trick that you have to do before initializing hotspot in SHAREit PC.

Initialization failed in SHAREit for PC – How to fix this?

To fix this issue, just follow below steps:

  • Make sure that you have disconnected your WiFi connection (if it is already connected to some other WiFi network) and then try again to initialize hotspot on SHAREit PC. Most of the time this will fix the issue and SHAREit hotspot will be created.
Shareit initalization failed

Share it initialization failed

  • Make sure that you have turned ON your WiFi (Wireless connection) before initializing SHAREit hotspot on PC. If you have not, turn it on and the issue will be fixed.
  • Make sure the version of SHAREit installed on your Windows PC is v4.0 or higher.

This issue will be fixed if you follow these above tips, if you are still facing any issues with SHAREit, please leave us a comment and if you have any other way to fix this SHAREit hotspot initialization failed issue, please let us know in comments below. Thank you.

19 Comments on "Hotspot Initialization Failed in SHAREit PC"

  1. Hotspot initialization, hotspot initialization failed, PC, SHAREit

  2. Of course sir.
    I have done what u have explained above.
    But it’s still not initializing sir.
    When I start running this share it, it works too slow sir .so plz give suggestions..

  3. my pc shareit intlization failed while wifi is on .give me sugesstions

    • Hi Hira,

      Turn ON WiFi on your PC and don’t connect it to any network. Then try to start SHAREit and initiate SHAREit hotspot.

      • Thanks Admin Team.
        My problem got solved right after following your guidance.
        Once again thank you all.

  4. My share it is the…. Hotspot initializing failed…. Please gob me a solution as soon as possible

  5. i tried the above mentioned tips but still facing problem…

  6. Tried reinstalling d app on my note 8.. but even after repeating above steps, my not able to get d hotspot started.

  7. mine says “hotspot creation not supported”… what should i do?

    • Hi All,

      I don’t know how you are actually trying to connect. But you need to turn on WiFi connection(don’t connect it to any other network) to initiate SHAREit hotspot. Once after that, connect to SHAREit hotspot from your mobile.

  8. it is howing hotspot creation not supported
    any solutions
    and when i scanned qr code they are saying connection time out wht wud be the resn ?

  9. admin i know you are telling us right but the problem we are facing may not be in your pc you are just telling us normal procedure to connect it our problem is different we all know hotspot will not initialize if its connected to other network but i have disconnected it still not initialize i ve even reinstalled share it but still this error try to get the reason of this error plzz

  10. I am also having the same problem. WIFI TRUNED and-NOT CONNECTED but still it is showing hotspot initializing failed

  11. am also having the same problem. WIFI TRUNED and-NOT CONNECTED but still it is showing hotspot initializing failed.

  12. From the last two days, Shareit is showing hotspot creation not supported.pls suggest me any solution.

  13. My Hp i3 laptop.
    Share it 4.0 not working. If click “search hostport of mobile” then show my phone and if i try to connet share it will close. What problem?

  14. on window10 laptop share it identifies the device as window phone. if you see the app description it clearly states that “doesn’t support transfer files over hotspots that are created by window phone.

  15. Hi dear admin
    I folow your guide but i cant connect my phone to pc

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