3 Ways To Start Mining Decred

One of the first cryptocurrencies, Decred rewrote the code of Bitcoin in an effort to empower and compensate token holders who made network changes. This was one of the methods Decred experimented with and provided a fresh notion for fostering user participation in its governance process. Because of this, the team behind the Decred coin designed Decred as a hybrid consensus method that combines elements… Read More »3 Ways To Start Mining Decred

The Different Methods That You Can Use To Purchase Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a form of legal tender in its own right. Therefore, you can use it to buy goods and services, as long as the person that you are paying is happy and able to receive it. What’s more, blockchain technology makes it easy to track down any fraudulent activity. These elements combined make cryptocurrency an excellent investment opportunity. Anyone new to the concept… Read More »The Different Methods That You Can Use To Purchase Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Mining Basics Explained

Using your computer to mine Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) means getting paid for the computing time you contribute to the blockchain network that makes up the system. If you’re new to the idea of cryptocurrency mining, you might be asking can you still mine bitcoin, how it works, whether or not it’s profitable, and if you need any special hardware to participate in it yourself.… Read More »Bitcoin Mining Basics Explained