Xender Data Transmission App is available now for PC as Xender Web

Data Transmission is always a basic need for most of the PC/Smartphone users who wish to have their data available on all of their devices. A beautiful pic clicked with your smartphone may need to be copied to your PC for editing or storing purposes. You would always love to transfer a movie downloaded on your Mac/Windows PC to your smartphone to watch it whenever you want. Luckily there are apps available to do this job for us very easily. In contrast to the conventional method of using USB cable to transfer data to your PC, now we can do that using a beautiful app called Xender. It can facilitate us to transfer files to iOS devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and to Mac/Windows devices.


Now the way is much simplified to copy files to Windows/Mac PC with Xender Web. For those who are facing transmission error with Xender, they can use Xender web to transfer files with Mac/Windows PC. Of course Xender might be showing transmission error in your Android phone while transferring pictures/files to PC, then in that case you should wait for the bug fix. I recommend to keep the app always updated to solve transmission error in Xender. One more possible reason for transmission error in Xender is possibly poor connection with the other device. Never transfer files when you are connected to a common Wi-Fi connection, always create a hotspot and connect the other device to that connection and then transfer files. In this way you can overcome transmission error in Xender.

Many go for installation of Xender on BlueStacks and try to transfer files to PC, you will get transmission error in Xender as BlueStacks uses the underlying PC’s connection. Here we will see how we can transfer files to PC from smartphone using Xender Web.

Transfer files to PC using Xender Web

It is really very easy to use Xender Web, you can transfer files/data using a hotspot created on your Phone. Here we will see a step by step procedure to use Xender Web to Share files and to solve transmission error in Xender.

  • Install Xender on Android Phone from Google Play Store.
  • Launch Xender on your Phone and tap on rocket icon.
  • Then tap on PC/Mac icon to share files with you PC.
  • Now tap on podcast icon to turn on hotspot in your mobile.
  • Then connect your PC to mobile hotspot network.
  • Open web browser on PC and enter the IP address ( shown and hit enter.
  • You will see a pop up asking for conformation to connect to your PC.
  • Tap on Accept and you will see your phone connected to PC.
  • You can now proceed to copy/transfer files between your PC and android Phone.

This is very secure and safe way to transfer files from your Phone to PC using a private hotspot connection. Now you can use Xender for PC without BlueStacks and there is no issue of transmission error in Xender. If Xender is not working in Android Phone, then clear the app cache or reinstall Xender to sort out the issue and always keep Xender up to date.

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